East Coast Hydrodynamics

East Coast Hydrodynamics



These Maine made fabric gardening pots will provide the ideal environment for a plants root system to thrive in.  More than mere anchors, the roots that hold your plants in place also nourish & protect them.  As they penetrate the fabric and become exposed to air the tips will “burn” off and new growth will branch out in every direction creating a stronger, healthier & more efficient root structure.
The material used to create these pots is sourced here in America.  It’s recycled, cleaned, and woven in our own facility, then cut and sewn into the various size containers.  The facility in Maine adheres to strict FDA regulations (CGMP) insuring the products are food grade.
We triple stitch our side seams, and box stitch our handles so the pots are sturdy and built to last.  The fabric is thick but the weave allows for proper drainage, aeration and root penetration.  They can be re-used multiple times without any reduction in yield.  The fabric itself is a proprietary blend of recycled material.  Our engineer used the principles of hydrodynamics to design a fabric that would allow for even distribution of liquids; no gushing out of the sides of our bags because the force of the liquids being pulled down by gravity against the fabric creates hydro-static  pressure, containing the liquid within the walls of the container.  This leads to even oxygen exchange preventing root rot.
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